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Swarovski crystalsSwarovski crystals

Swarovski history

Swarovski history

Swarovski history

Swarovski history

Swarovski history

Swarovski history

“A diamond for everyone“

In 1895 Daniel Swarovski took the first step towards his goal of creating “a diamond for everyone“ when he invented an electric machine that could cut crystals more precisely than was ever possible by hand. Shortly after, his company, Swarovski Crystals, came about in the Tyrolian Alps of Austria.

Milestones in the spotlight

The 20th century brought a breakthrough for Swarovski Crystals. Flapper girls in crystalline trimmed dresses, starlets including Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Audrey Hepburn, and even designers like Christian Dior dawned Swarovski crystals as accessories and clothing accents. For stars and designers across the globe, Swarovski crystals became the must-have accessory of the century.

The first boutique

In the 1980s, the first Swarovski boutique opened its doors on London‘s prestigious Bond Street and opened the world‘s eyes to crystal jewellery and figurines. The tradition of the annual limited-edition Christmas ornament instantly became a new favourite for collectors and crystal-lovers alike. Swarovski transcended the bounds of the jewellery world and became a sensation in interior decoration as well.

Swarovski braceletSwarovski bracelet

A Collection for Everyone

Whether you are searching for the perfect piece for yourself or a perfect gift for someone special, Swarovski has a collection for everyone. Our bracelet range spans from simple to spectacular, providing you with a multitude of choices that can be worn every day or dawned to make those special occasions even more extraordinary. Explore our more classic looks with simple and iconic bangles and charms or dare for something a bit more eye-catching and colourful.


Care & Maintenance

Keep your Swarovski products in the best possible condition by following the guidelines listed below.

Jewellery & Watches: Always keep your jewellery safe in a soft pouch or the original packaging. Always wear gloves while polishing your jewellery and use a lint-free cloth to maintain the brilliance of your product. Always put jewellery on last and avoid contact with harsh chemicals and abrasive materials such as perfumes or hair spray. Avoid contact with surfaces that may scratch or chip the crystal.


Vividly sparkling: Three brilliant Swarovski crystals created and cut to the Swarovski standard with a detailed chain and closure, in white, pink and turquoise, these stones help to finish off any look
Designed to last: Swarovski jewellery features the extraordinary brilliance of Swarovski crystals and durable metals – to ensure the life of your jewellery avoid contact with water, lotions or perfume
Stand out from the crowd: A charming gift for you or a loved one, this eye-catching bracelet has been crafted to complement any outfit, adding a luxurious, stylish touch, whatever the occasion
Items delivered: 1 x Swarovski Thalia collection bracelet for women, 24 cm long chain in rhodium plated metal, with adjustable closure and Swarovski bracelet box, from the Swarovski Thalia Collection


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