Stackers Set of 2 Taupe Charm Jewellery Box with Champagne Gold Fitting



The best and most Versatile Jewellery Box Storage Solution available today, just add what you need and find your Earring, Beads, Bracelets and Chains exactly where you left them! Each STACKERS tray is designed to sit neatly and securely on top of one another, with different interior layouts to choose from and then a lidded option to sit on top, the combinations are endless. Please check out all Carters of London products available directly to you from Amazon, just click the Carters of London Tab at the top to see all our unique offerings. With such choice and flexibility it is no wonder that STACKERS has become a worldwide success story.

STACKERS: Never run out of jewellery storage space again, as your jewellery collection grows then so can your STACKER.
STACKERS: Available in three sizes, multiple colour options and matching accessories to further enhance your storage requirements.
STACKERS: Unique design, superior quality and great value from a brand you can trust.
STACKERS: Charm Stacker Set of 2 consists of Lidded Charm Stacker & Criss Cross Stacker (15 x 15 x 7.5cm)


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