Stackers Dove Grey with Antique Rose Classic Medium Jewellery Box, Set of 3



Product Description

Jewellery boxJewellery box



trinket layer

trinket layer

watch layer

watch layer

Lidded Jewellery Box

The classic jewellery box lid is the ideal start to your jewellery box or as a stand-alone piece. With compartments for small rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, it’s perfect for your everyday jewellery.

Trinkets Layer

The classic small trinkets layer is perfect for all your earrings, rings and charms. With 25 individual sections, it’s the ideal way to keep those small jewellery pieces organised.

Watch/Accessories Layer

Ideal for your watches and bracelets. Tailor this even further with our watch/bracelet pad or add the ring roll holder for those statement rings. The medium travel box will also sit neatly in one of the sections when it’s not in use.


Add accessoriesAdd accessories

As your jewellery collection grows so too can your jewellery box
Don’t let your jewellery get tangled, tarnished and forgotten. Organise your collection with a Stackers jewellery box.
Dove Grey with Antique Pink Lining. Consists of a lid, trinkets layer & watch/accessories layer
Designed in London | Dimensions: 18cm x 25 x 14cm


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