Pandora Moments Spiritual Dream Catcher Charm Sterling Silver 797200



The Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen began his success career with Pandora in 1999 and began to conquer Germany with its charms.
Through Pandora, many people discovered a new way to properly capture their memories and give them new expression. They symbolise them with a charm that is of classic,
simple and at the same time elegant bracelets.

The Pandora brand has launched a trend with its charms, which create imaginative motifs from precious materials such as sterling silver, 585 gold, Murano glass or wood and worn on a leather or silver bracelet.
or a chain, offers endless possibilities of combination.

The charms are timeless symbols of happiness, dreams and love. The Pandora ring collection is made of 925 sterling silver or 585 yellow gold, and often have coloured stones.
To keep these pieces of jewellery clean, we recommend Pandora jewellery.

High-quality workmanship.
With this charm you can show the world in a wonderful way who you are and what you care about.
A charming gift idea that all your loved ones will appreciate.
IMPORTANT: This product does not come in a Pandora box, the box is sold separately. Item comes in clear plastic bag only.


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