Naava 9 ct Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Women’s Ring



This product is highly polished gold ring made with diamond and sapphire stone cluster. All possess beauty, rarity and durability. Adaptable enough to be worn every day or just for a special occasion, they are an enhanced way to add a shot of modern colour to neutral or classic looks. Every piece is presented in one of the beautiful gift boxes, keeping your jewellery sparkling and ready to wear.

Set with natural sapphire; the precious gemstone is cut with facets to enhance the colour and enrich its natural beauty
Sapphire, one of the precious and valued gemstones, is traditionally September’s birthstone
The Naava collection blends tradition, style and finesse, to deliver high-quality, certified diamond jewellery
All Naava products include a certificate of authenticity and are hallmarked according to UK law


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