Meowoo Ring Sizer UK Measurement Scales Kit Tools for Measuring Rings Diameters



Product Description

Meowoo Ring SizerMeowoo Ring Sizer

Meowoo Ring Sizer, No more trying to guess sizes, Go get it !

1.Ring Sizer Mandrel and Ring Sizer Tool! Accurate size and excellent value

2. Idea to have the ring sizer at home to size your fingers or anyone else if your looking for rings online

3. Measurement scales: UK, EU, HK and U.S.

4. Graduated Ring Mandrel.

5. Great for use on glass showcases.

6. This is great to give to customers or stock your store and save money.


Warm Tips:

There is no relation between the size of the ring and the size of the stick. The rings are used to test the size of your finger, while the size on the stick is your ring size

The time of day and the weather will affect the accuracy of the measurement. The hands should be warm in order to take accurate measurements. Ideally, the hands should be in an area with temperatures that are slightly higher than room temperature. If the ring size was taken in colder temperature (the finger actually shrinks!), you might end up buying a ring that would be too tight and uncomfortable.

CLEAR MARK: Finger Sizing Stick include UK:D-Z+5, US:1-15,and European sizes of 41-76.
DURABLE: The uk ring sizer made of aluminium alloy, it’s more durable than other materials.
PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 × ring sizer guage + 1 × ring size mandrel + 1 × plastic ring sizer belt.
QUALITY GUARANTEE – If our products have any quality issues, please contact us, we will refund your money without any condition in 30 days.


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