Meerveil Jewellery Box, Jewellery Oganiser, Three Layers PU Leather Jewelry Storage Box with Mirror and Lock, for Girls and Women (Pink)



Product Description

jewellery boxjewellery box

jewellery boxjewellery box

※Internal Structure: When you open the jewelry box, you will find a small rectangular mirror embedded in the top floor. Next to the mirror, there is a perforated band of jewelry, which could be used to place earrings, etc.

There are three layers, the first layer has three big partitions, two of them are also placed with soft flocking cubicles to accommodate earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other different sizes of ornaments, which are very useful. The two layers below are two small drawers that could be moved and pulled out. These two drawers are also divided into square cubicles, all layers are lined with soft flocking that protect the jewels from damaged.

jewellery boxjewellery box

※Surfacing: The surface leather is high quality, the metal lock buckle is shining, the handle edge is very beautiful suture, the whole appearance is smooth without the crack feeling, clean and beautiful.

※Locking : Buckle with lock and a delicate small key, align the key with the keyhole, turn right to lock it, turn left to open.

※Product Dimension: 17.5 * 14 * 13cm. Color: Pink.

※Package Content: Jewelry Box*1

Small key*1(Inside the box)

jewellery boxjewellery box

※ Cleaning: The dust could be wiped with cloth, but not too wet. It is better to clean with cloth dipped in alcohol when the dust is not easy to clean.

※ Notes: The lock is not the same as a safe. Thieves could easily break open the small lock. If you have expensive jewelry, please put the jewelry box in the safe or carry it with you to ensure safety.





with a mini case


※Smart Portable: Jewelry box is small size, but very strong capacity, the top handle makes the jewelry box easy to carry.
※Unique Model Design: The box was designed with a lock button and a fine small key. Using the key and rotating to the right side, the lock will be locked, then turning to the left side to open it. In addition, the top has been set a small mirror, easy to use.
※The Internal Structure: The first layer has 4 partitions and each partition with 7 flannel linings cubicles, two detachable earrings holders, one single compartment for holding watches and one single compartment for brooches and pins. The bottom two layers of movable drawers to maximize the preservation of jewelries.
※Suitable for Using: earrings, pendants, nose rings, anklets, necklaces, bracelets, watches, diamonds, amber, glamour, etc. This is a great gift for your mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter, colleague, friends or any other important woman in your life.


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