Jsdoin Mini Jewellery Box Organizer Faux Leather for Travel, Storage Case for Rings, Earring, Necklaces Gift for Girls Mother Women(pink)



mini jewelry box-specially designed for you👼
English Product Name: Mini Multifunctional Jewelry Box
Color: romantic pink
Size: 10*10*5 (unit: cm)
Weight: about 136 grams (may have errors 😔)
Brand: Jsdoin 👌
Function: jewelry storage and preservation
Applicable people: girls, ladies, children
Scope of application: home, travel, employee benefits, weddings, souvenirs, gifts🎁
Our advantage:
💡Quality assurance, high-quality leather products, smooth surface, soft and comfortable, waterproof and moisture-proof, soft beaded flannel inside, good protection of jewelry from external environment interference and erosion, and at the same time will not cause jewelry damage.
💡Exquisite workmanship, paying attention to every detail. The smooth zipper guarantees safety.
💡Exquisite mini, small size, clear division of labor, you can put necklaces, earrings, ear lines, rings. If you are a person who loves modification, you can disassemble the compartments and place larger makeup or skin care products.
💡The inner layer is also a very soft flannel, so it protects the jewelry like an adult and touches your jewelry like a baby’s skin.
💡Elastic wall pocket, no matter how messy it is.
💡The surface is smooth and easy to clean.
💡Romantic pink, spring, summer, autumn and winter, change of seasons, passion, love 💕, or love at first sight, give her (mother, daughter, girlfriend, child) love is always there.

We thank you for your patronage and we look forward to your purchase. We believe that love is always around you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. I hope you find true love and I wish you a happy day! 💏
💎💍📿Small and light: the size is 10 cm (length) x 10 cm (width) x 5 cm, and the weight is only 136 grams, so it will hardly take up any space in your area. You can take it anywhere or directly Put it in the bag.
💎💍📿Small figure and large capacity: Our box has obvious separation, which can store necklaces and ear line accessories. For those who like to store rings, this box is also very suitable, with a specially designed ring area. There is a movable compartment next to it, which can be used to place exquisite gadgets. Removing the compartment will not only affect the appearance, but also put lipstick 💄.
💎💍📿Safety and peace of mind: The mini jewelry box has a zipper, so you don’t have to worry about the jewelry falling anyway, it is very safe and assured, it is very simple to use, and there is no need to worry about it being deformed by a lot of things.
💎💍📿 exquisite gift: the most important thing is this is a timeless and perfect gift, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Spring Festival, birthday, etc., for girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother and all you love. 👩


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